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Thanksgiving @the Henasey’s

About a week ago, we decided to make Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a lot of fun to cook together and the best part of it all is after the big meal we could relax and not be on the road. We had enough food for 20 people but fed only 4. Lots of leftovers at this house!


We started planning this amazing feast on Wednesday. We wrote up a timeline so we could make sure we have enough oven space and nothing was forgotten. I started the stuffing Wednesday night and all the flavors really developed by the time we ate it. Bacon, apples, leeks, with A LOT of fresh herbs, and the typical ingredients made this super tasty. We made roasted root vegetables, mashed potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts with pomegranate and walnuts, and over-the-top giblet gravy. My mom made creamy pearl onions, one of my dad’s favorites. Michael also made his usual apple pie and this time used a pie bird. I attempted to use my passed down jell-o mold from my mom’s mom for the cranberry sauce, but now realize it’s a sauce and not meant for a jell-o mold. Next year, I’ll take a different approach.

We started with a cheese plate which was a meal in it self.  A little Prosecco was the perfect addition. Next a favorite around here was a roasted pear salad with crystalized ginger, pomegranate seeds, grapes, and micro greens. After we finished the main course, we realized we forgot the cranberry sauce! We served it with the pie and it was a hit. We had a very nice time with my parents… Maybe we have a new tradition here at the Henasey’s!

I learned a new trick for the mashed potatoes so I thought I would share it with you. I peeled the potatoes in the morning then realized if I peeled them too soon, they would be gummy if I cooked them now and reheated them later. So I left them to soak in a pot of cold water. Little did I know, this was a way to get some of the starch out so they get nice and fluffy. I changed the water before cooking. Once cooked, I got the potato masher, added a little bit of buttermilk and salt and that was it. Super light and fluffy mashed potatoes and I didn’t need a ton of liquid or butter to make them taste good. Give it a try!