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Valentine’s Day Prop – Conversation Heart Photography Project

Valentine’s Day Prop – Conversation Heart Photography Project

Wishing everyone a sweet Valentine’s day. This year, we had a day for Valentines day photo sessions. The kids got to do a little valentine craft and then we make some super cute images. We had a lot of fun! 

Valentine's Day Photo Session

Doing these themed sessions are a lot of fun. I painted a set of floors red and added some gold stickers to my black seamless paper. I found these little wooden hearts decided to make my own conversation hearts. Then, I also got some red stickers on amazon and got some Valspar paint samples from Lowes at a few dollars a piece. 

Conversation Heart Craft Project

Materials for Conversation heart photography props:


  1. Sand the hearts really well. There are really rough and I got a splinter when first handling them. 
  2. Paint one side of each heart a different color. I rinsed out the foam brush and re-used for the next color. 
  3. Let dry for a few hours then do the other side. I put a stack of pennies underneath so they didn’t stick to the newspaper. 
  4. Then I lightly sanded again, and did a second coat. 
  5. Once Dry, very very lightly mark the center and make small guide lines for the stickers. Do not draw lines, they are difficult to erase.
  6. Placement of the stickers is tricky. Start in the middle and work outwards. BUT be careful of skinny letters. Luckily the stickers peel off easily and you can try again. 
  7. Then erase any pencil marks. Purple and yellow left some marks so get some practice to figure out how to put the stickers on without having to use a pencil. 
  8. Finally, touch up any paint as necessary. 

The kiddos really liked these and hope you do too! I can’t wait for next year for another round of Valentines day photo sessions!